Ultimate Lead Generation.

The only application you need for Referral and Social Media Marketing

Cada Social Media software on desktop
Cada Social Media referral marketing on desktop

Referral Marketing

Want to get more customers? Referral marketing can help you grow your business.

Cada Social Media is a powerful referral marketing solution that makes it easy for you to run viral sweepstakes and contests and generate leads!

Social Media Marketing

Develop brand awareness and engage with potential customers with social media marketing.

Create, curate, manage and schedule posts to Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Google my Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest

Cada Social Media software on laptop
Cada Social Media performance analytics on desktop

Performance Analysis

Looking for a social media software that can help you with performance analysis?

Cada Social Media is designed to help businesses use engagement data to grow an online presence and the business.

Platforms Supported

Cad Social Media platforms supported